Roses: The Magic of Aromatherapy

One of the first books I ever read on the practice was called Magical Aromatherapy by Scott Cunningham. The book acts as “a guide to utilizing essential oils and aromatic plants to create changes in our lives.”

He wrote:

“By correctly selecting the fragrance and inhaling it with visualization, true magic occurs.”

My beat up copy of Magical Aromatherapy

When I created B-girl, my aromatherapy line, the idea for the use of the oils jumped off of Cunningham’s belief. The aromas were created to be used for our own self-empowerment. Carry them with you wherever you go! I wrote initially. Use them as your secret source when you need empowering.

Here’s more about how aromatherapy works:

The part of the brain that most directly responds to olfactory stimulus is the limbic system, which corresponds to our feelings, memories, stored learned responses, and emotions. When aromatic messages reach the limbic system, they are processed instantly and instinctively.

– Susan and Valerie Ann Worwood, Essential Aromatherapy

It’s important to note that as wonderful and powerful as aromatherapy is, as Patricia Davis writes in Subtle Aromatherapy:

“Oils are not magic spells … [they] do not replace inner efforts. Growth can be hard work.”

Still, they can be our inner cheerleaders, moving us forward a bit.

One of the most perfect scents to work with for “inner efforts” is roses.

The smell of roses is uplifting, can heighten creativity, curb depression, helps heal grief and trauma, and is great for your love life (because of everything mentioned plus it acts as an aphrodisiac). Rose essential oil is excellent in skin care because it soothes and helps revive any type skin but is particularly good for mature skin and wrinkles.

Rose essential oil – rose otto (steam distilled) or rose absolute (solvent extracted) – is very expensive as thousands of pounds of rose petals make up a pound of the essential oil but, if you can swing it, it’s worth it.

It’s always a good time for B-girl’s Love & Bliss oil. It is made with the oil of organic roses & more. The formula is hand crafted, all organic in a jojoba oil base. It’s also great to give a friend or for yourself. B-girl will be offering it again soon.

Pink roses in Brooklyn
Pink roses in Brooklyn

Photo #1&3: Cathryn

Photo #2: Bahman Farzad

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