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Seen on NYC Street: You got this!

I think this says it all. As seen by the West 4th Street-Washington Square subway station. Photo: Cathryn

Union Square Park Post 9-11

September 12th NYC: Amidst Tragedy, A Gentle, Open Feeling in the Air

Another way New York City changed – for a short while – after September 11th In 2003, on the eve …

Roses in Brooklyn Summer

Roses: The Magic of Aromatherapy

One of the first books I ever read on the practice was called Magical Aromatherapy by Scott Cunningham. The book …

Sunflower in Coney Island With Photobomb by Famous Thunderbolt

Summer’s Ending. This seems to say it all, sunflower amidst Thunderbolt ride in magical Coney Island. Photo: Cathryn

Cathryn’s World 2.0

Welcome back to Cathryn’s World! Cathryn’s World site began in late 2009. Then, at some point, I lost the URL. …

Cathryn’s World

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